What other customers had to say after going to Mallaley's for their RV and motorhome purchase!

2007 WindSport 36E
We purchased a brand new 2007 WindSport 36E. Actually this is our second Motorhome from Mallaley's. We've made several trips since then, had a lot of fun, we just love it! Mallaley's has a great service and friendly staff. We are very satisfied and if we ever get a third motorhome, we know where to get it.
Freddy, Bathurst

2005 Pace Arrow 37C
Concerning the first motorhome we bought at mallaley's, it was to just try it out, we had a great service during the first camping season with it and loved the experience so much that we decided to get a newer model. We seen several models and the Fleetwood Pace Arrow caught our eye. In addition, the sales man was very friendly; spend a good amount of time with us and explained all the features of the motorhome. We are very satisfied with our motorhome and the service at Mallaley's.
Reg, Tracadie

2009 Jamboree Sport 31W
My wife and I bought a brand new 2009 Fleetwood Jamboree sports from Mallaleys RV sales in October 2009. We have never owned an RV before. We first started shopping for an RV in June 2009. We met Cliff who spend many hours with us, giving us advices, explaining the differences between RV class and all options we could have in our RV. We spent the summer of 2009 shopping at various locations. We have never felt pressured from Cliff. Knowing that buying a new RV is a significant purchase, Cliff has always been patient with us and always treated us with respect. Finally, we decided to purchase from Mallaley’s for the following three reasons. The first one being that we could not find a better price anywhere. The second reason was to support our local economy and the most important reason was for the service. We have our RV since October 2009, since then, Mallaley’s has service our RV with professionalism and as agreed upon.

My wife and both love our RV. One of the reasons that we both a class C is that my wife felt comfortable driving this type of RV. She actually drive it more than myself. We drove in New-Brunswick, Quebec and Maine. It took us a few trips to know how everything works but we can now say that we are comfortable driving anywhere’s. For anybody new in the RV world, I would strongly suggest to you to stop by Mallaley’s and see what they have to say. You will see that they make new buyers very comfortable and not pressured.
Bernie, Bathurst

2002 Pace Arrow 35 Feet
Long story short, we were looking for about 3 years and when we seen the 2002 Pace Arrow 35 feet, we fell in love immediately. Put it this way, Mallaley's was very patient with us and kept his professionalism. Also, we were very impressed of how they shown us how everything worked, they took their time and the team answered all of are questions. When it came to service the machine, they carefully done the work, kept our motorhome clean and made sure we were happy about the work done. We would definitely recommend Mallaley's to anyone, we are very happy with our purchase.
Camille & Lisette, Tremblay

2011 GeorgeTown 378
For us, the purchase of a new motorhome necessarily passes by a good service. Since Mallaley's had given us a very good service with our older RV, our first choice for a new motorhome was a 2011 Georgetown 378, we did not go any further, our purchase stopped at Mallaley's R.V. Sales LTD. We are very satisfied with our choice.
Fernande & Normand, Lamèque

I was more than happy with my purchase of my 1998 pace arrow 37 foot motor home. The owner was very professional with the sale and made sure that I understood everything about the motorhome as he went over every detail of the unit. I felt very comfortable about driving this huge vehicle off the lot and on the highway for the first time. The service was excellent and when I needed some minor repairs they were done very well and when he said the unit would be ready, it was. Also his mechanic came to my home on a few occasions to make sure every thing was ok. All and all a very positive investment. Thanks again Mallaley and Staff.
James and Linda, Jacquet River

I've been dealing with Mallaley's RV for more than 10 years and I can affirm that I am very satisfied with the service which I receive from this company. I bought 2 motorhomes from them. I find that the prices are very competitive. The after sale service is very good and the employees are courteous and qualified.

When we arrive at Mallaley's RV, we feel confident the moment we are dealt with. The staff takes time to listen to us and answers all of our questions and concerns without putting pressure.
René-Gilles, Bathurst